Can't think of a unique gift for that someone special who seems to "have everything?"  They don't have an original piece of art from Sommers End.  Even if they already have a portrait created by me or someone else, each piece is completely original, so no two are ever alike.  I can create an original painting from your favorite photograph, or even come up with something completely unique, using different photographs to make an interesting composite.  There is no limit to what can be achieved with paint!


Works on Canvas

All works on canvas are available for purchase unless stated otherwise.  Feel free to contact the artist at (or call 540-635-6824) if you are interested in purchasing one of these paintings.

A Murder of Crows


Acrylic, 12x24 canvas


Autumn Oak Leaf

Acrylic, 8x10 canvas

VELVET LION;  Wicked Lion
Acrylic, 12x16 on tan velvet attached to masonite board


VELVET TIGER:  Wicked Tiger
Acrylic, 12x16 on deep orange velvet attached to canvas board


Higher Learning
(Sold, thank you Romy!)
Acrylic, 12x24 stretched canvas


Acrylic, 12x16 stretched canvas


Hannah's Horses
April 2010
Acrylic, 8x10 clear-gessoed linen

Little Bird, Big 'Tude
Acrylic on board, 6"x6"


Owls Emerging
Acrylic on clear-gessoed linen, 8x10

Warrior of the Plains
Acrylic on stretched canvas, 11x14

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 8x10

Pack Alpaca
Acrylic on board, 8x10

Turtle Too
 (Commission- SOLD, thank you!)
Completed March 2009
Acrylic on stretched canvas, 8x10
This painting was a commission from a client who saw "Peek a Boo" (see below "Indian Summer") and wanted a smaller version to give to his wife for their anniversary.  Always happy to oblige, I chose a different pose from my photos of this turtle, and this is what I came up with...



Indian Summer
Completed September 2008,
Acrylic on Claybord Smooth, 11x14
You can see the stages of this painting on the works in progress page...



Peek A Boo!
Completed September 2008
Acrylic on Gessobord, 11x14

This is a painting based on a photo I took, much to the chagrin of the subject, who was just trying his best to be invisible!  This painting's stages can be seen on the works in progress page...


Here's Lookin' at You...
Completed June 2008
Acrylic on paper, postcard size

Another photo of mine, of my nieces' horse's eye..


Autumn Sunset
Completed August 2008
Acrylic on canvas, 5x7 inches

I was really just trying out some new colors, which became the background, and the tree just kind of happened as they have a tendency to do when I have a neat background that need a subject... ;)


Update to
Sunflowers II
(Donated to Debbie Llewellyn Fundraiser, 2010)
This was a painting I did in October of 2007, but I wasn't very happy with it... so I updated it August of 2008.  Available for purchase (will be entered in one of the fall shows).  I wasn't liking those petals on the left (at 8 o'clock), and I thought it should be brightened up overall.  I also changed the angle of the light so it was fully on the flower instead of behind it.

The update:

... and the original:


Acorns on Blue
Completed June 2008
Acrylic on paper, 3x4 1/2 inches (tiny!)
Another experiment with orange and blue complementary colors.  A friend of mine gave me a tiny frame and said "fill it!" so I thought the acorns would be a nice little subject for a nice little frame.  The orange is very subtle- actually, the paper I used started out orange and still shows through faintly here and there.

The Blue Calf
Completed June 2008
Acrylic on 8x10 stretched canvas
This painting was the result of a photo I took of my Father-in-Law's calf this past spring.  For some reason, of the dozen or more photos I took, this one had a distinctly blue cast to it, and I found it interesting.  I'm still playing with the complementary colors of orange and blue, so it was a natural thing for me to make the background orange!  A bit strange, but I like the intensity it lends to the blue...


The Wildcat Within
(commission- SOLD, thank you!)

July 2008
11x14, Acrylic on Claybord
This painting was done after the orange kitty with the green eyes, for a friend who has purchased it.  There's a little surprise in the eyes...


Leo II
(Artist's private collection)
April 2008
16x20, Acrylic on Claybord
This is my second time painting this subject... one of my fave subjects I might add...


The Quarters
(SOLD, thank you!)
February 2008
14x18, Acrylic on Gessobord
The Blandy Sketch Group honored me by asking me to paint something for our Spring Show's postcard, and I thought it would be appropriate to paint something from my extensive photo collection taken there.  This was  the one chosen:


Dark Forest

February 2008
11x14, Acrylic on canvas board
 And here's another I did, from a photo taken at Blandy.  I wanted to try my hand at a looser painting, and this one I started with a black gessoed canvas, painting in the lights instead of the other way around.  I used no green paint, only black mixed with yellow and white... I recently learned you could make green that way, and since learning it, I've been using the knowledge a lot.  I really enjoyed painting this one!


Garlic and Onions
January 2008

8x10, Acrylic on stretched canvas
This was one of our "challenges" on WetCanvas where we all paint the same photograph in our own way...  I made significant changes so it wouldn't be much like the original reference.


King of the Forest
(Donated to Massanutten Archery Club raffle, 2010)
January 2008
  5 x 7 on board, acrylic


Wintry Road
Completed December 2007
6x6 canvas board, acrylic

October 2006
oil on board 11x14
Sold at Art at the Mill, Millwood VA, Oct/ Nov 2007.  My first oil painting, completed after a workshop with John Leone.


Sun Worshiper
August 2007
acrylic on board 9x12
  Sold at Art at the Mill, in Millwood VA...


Feelin "Wine" 
(SOLD, thank you Mary!)
July 2007
acrylic on stretched canvas, 8x10
Another for fun painting. My friends on WetCanvas (an artists' online community) do a monthly project
where we all paint the same reference photo in our own, unique style, and this was mine.  Small painting for me.
This painting sold at Art at the Mill's fall show, 2007


The Cat's Meow
October 2007
acrylic on board, 11x14
This was a fun painting, titled before it was completed so it could make it into the show flyer... afterwards I thought the title could have been "The Tiger Within", but that just made me think up another painting altogether!


Tree of Hope
(Artist's Private Collection-contact me if interested in a print)
acrylic on canvas, 16x20
This is a painting created with an overflow of emotions, with no thought or planning, after a disagreement with my husband.  I locked myself in my "studio" (the spare bedroom!), cranked up the music, and a few hours later I had the basis of a complex tree.  Painting all of those tiny branches was wonderful therapy, and allowed me to rethink my position in the discussion, with a gradually cooling head.  I call it "Tree of Hope" because it reminds me that we can all use a little time to reflect on silly things that can prevent us from thinking clearly when it comes to those we love.


Whalespout: Yuccas at Blandy
plein air July 2007
pastel on Wallis sanded paper, 11x14 matted
I did this sketch, my first pastel, during one of the Blandy Sketch Group's plein air sessions this past summer.  Why "Whalespout?"  A friend commented, while I was drawing it, that the rocks reminded him of a whale surfacing, and that the yuccas resembled a whale's spout.  In honor of this incredibly imaginative observation, I decided to call it Whalespout: Yuccas at Blandy.  Thanks, Joe!


June 2007
acrylic on canvas, 5x7
A very small, fun little painting for you bird lovers...


Fawn in Hiding
(Sold... THANK YOU!)
This is a painting I did just because I wanted to.  No commission, no buyer in mind, just a great reference photo that a friend sent me that I fell in love with.  And lo and behold, it sold at a recent group art show, Art in the Foothills, in Bluemont VA.  This was actually my very first show.


Daffodils on Ultramarine

(Sold... THANK YOU to the Buyer!)
I recently took on a challenge on an Artists' website I frequent, and the subject was daffodils.  The craving for spring got the better of me, so I went for it!!
This painting was accepted into several shows, and SOLD at the Blue Ridge Arts Council Members' Show in August.



Oil Paintings

In addition to the Belgians on the portrait page, I did this sky as a study after a workshop.




Tattoo Design



Though I will probably never actually learn to DO tattoo (though I should never say never), I do enjoy creating custom designs.  Most Tattoo Artists will happily use a design done by someone else, but always check with your Artist first.  Some prefer to do only their own original work, which I can certainly appreciate.  Here are some of my designs that have made it to skin...

My drawing...

...and tattoo completed (tattooed by Traci at Boomtown Tattoo in Martinsburg WV. She has interpreted many of my designs onto skin, but she does beautiful custom work of her own as well!)

My drawing...

... and freshly completed tattoo (by Traci, Boomtown Tattoo)



Computer drawing...

... finished tattoo. (done out of state, not sure of the Artist's name)





This was the very first time I designed a tattoo for someone.  It started out as a very simple sketch, and the client took it to her Tattooist, who did an amazing job of using my rough sketch.  Unfortunately, I don't know which Artist did the work.



My drawing isn't available for this one, but it was also done by Traci at Boomtown.


My drawing...


... and finished tattoo.. sorry it's blurry, but it's pretty darned close to the sketch.  Another one by Traci at Boomtown Tattoo.




Teemacorn Tile

Here's something very miscellaneous... this is a 4 x4 ceramic tile I drew/painted during a workshop at the Blandy Sketch Group last month using a special pencil that acts like charcoal but survives the firing process... it's loosely based on my horse, Phateema (she's a totally different color!), so I call it... Teemacorn Tile!



Window Splash
The Uniform Store, Winchester VA
March 2008
Wisteria makes everything prettier...  This is meant to be a temporary design that can be changed with the seasons.


Event Decorating

I have begun to enter into the event decorating arena, so if you would like me to assist you with your Bridal or Baby Shower, Anniversary Celebration, Birthday Party or other special event, I would be happy to set up a consultation to discuss your unique needs.



Personalized ornaments of glass, wood or any surface you would like.  A great gift idea for the holidays or anytime.



Gourd Art

How about a custom painting on a gourd?  These were for our local arts and crafts festival.


Decorative Signage

I generally avoid signmaking (it's such a precise art, better done by the pros), but will occasionally take on small decorative ones.  I can also paint your sign directly onto a wall, as seen on the mural page.  I do have contacts in the sign industry, so I can do artwork and have the lettering subcontracted for you.  These examples are done by me, by hand...





Logo Design

Have a business or other need for a logo?  Let's discuss your needs. 
This Thailand Clouded Leopard Consortium logo, with computerized lettering added later, was subsequently used on T shirts, hats and stationery, and was even embroidered into a patch.

Here's my logo:

I used hand lettering and artwork, and then colored the leaves on my computer. 
The lion is a painting of mine.